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Sociology Online Resources

Culture Resources

Anthropology Tutorials - offers tutorials, flashcards, and other study materials devoted to a variety of anthropology topics, including biological and cultural topics.

Hunger and World Poverty - a website devoted to showing the problems of poverty all around the world.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse - offers information on the types of dependence, the warning signs, and how to help those with a problem.

Ethnic Resources

Understanding Race - a website that discusses the differences between the races through cultural and historical descriptions.

African-American History - includes biographies of notable African American people, blogs, and historical information relating to the history of major events such as civil rights and slavery.

Hispanic Online - an online magazine that focuses on issues currently involving and relating to Hispanics.

Women’s Resources

Gender Roles - information on gender roles and how they change, with a discussion board to talk about topics in depth.

Women and Gender Studies Web Sites - archives and links to websites that discuss women and gender studies by different categories.

Facts About Sexual Harassment - up to date and current facts on the topic of sexual harassment.  

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination - legal aspects and definitions of the topic.  

Women’s History Research Guide - lists facts, biographies, and links to other websites that discuss important women and issues relating to women throughout history.

Family Resources

Relationships and Marriage - online resource for married couples, young and old.

Domestic Violence - nonprofit website devoted to helping people identify domestic violence and helping those individuals through a toll-free hotline.

Divorce Net - resources, guidelines, questions and answers on divorce and how it impacts a family.

Family Law Center - laws relating to family and children, with resources for laws in different states.

Child Custody: An Overview - information on the different types of child custody and links to the official laws relating to those issues.

Criminology Resources

National Youth Gang Center - information on youth gangs with links to helpful resources.

All Serial Killers - shows photographs and biographies of major serial killers.

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