Science Fair

Science Fair Ideas

Science fair ideas are a hot topic since students of all ages take part in these events. Children may need help to find ideas and topics that they might not come up with on their own. One of the best resources is All Science Fair Projects, which lists step by step instructions on over 500 different projects and has a section where the projects are divided into topic areas such as geology, chemistry, biology and medicine. A similar resource is Science Fair Project Ideas, where all topics listed are divided into specific categories based on the type of science.

Science Fair Idea Exchange is unique in that each of their ideas is divided into areas, based on the level of work involved. They divide projects into ideas for elementary school students, middle school students, high school students and even some ideas for college students and adults. Kidz World also offers some ideas for students, though many of their projects are geared towards younger kids.

The Virtual Science Fair is a blog that’s updated every day to cover a different type of science fair project. Each project has a difficulty level and age range, as well as step by step instructions on creating that project. There’s also Science Fair Project Ideas, which lists projects for middle school and high school students, based on the subject matter. Some recent examples included acid rain, climate control and dating.

Scotch Science Fair Center lists a lot of information for students creating a science fair project. They have topic ideas, a how-to guide on picking a topic and a timeline so students can see what they should be doing in the days and weeks leading up to the fair. Science Fairs is another helpful resource, with projects divided according to the difficulty level. Topics include nutrition, prisms and biology.

Winning Science Fair Project offers tips on turning a simple idea into one that can win the fair and has some ideas based on past winners. The Science Fair Judging Sheet is also helpful because it shows the exact information a teacher looks for when grading a science fair project.

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