School Psychology

School Psychology Resources

School psychologists work with children and students of all ages. Unlike guidance counselors, which work with teens on educational problems, psychologists handle more problems. They work with kids who are abused, those with medical conditions, and those suffering from an emotional or psychological problem. Psychologists are found in colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.

Individuals who work in this field are trained to handle all areas of a students needs, from identifying a potential problem to finding a solution and following up with the student later. They typically attend college and most also receive an advanced college degree prior to working in the field. They may also undergo a training period where they work in a school before working full-time.

Those working as a school psychologist must stay up to date with current issues as the times frequently change. Teens who were once using illegal drugs may now be turning to drugs in their parents medicine cabinet or drugs prescribed by their own physician. It’s simply a matter of keeping up to date with issues and trends, which makes it easier for the student to open up to the adult.

School psychologists can find information and help at the Journal of School Psychology as well as the Journal of Experimental Psychology. The National Association of School Psychologists contains information for those working in the field and information on upcoming conferences. They can also get help at School Psychology, which includes information on becoming a psychologist and what these people do.

School psychologists may also find Intervention Central helpful to find tools for working out an intervention or staging one in a school setting. Another helpful resource is Child Behavior Checklist, which lists possible problems facing kids and teens.

School psychologists also have to deal with specific problems relating to teens. Resources covering those subjects include :

School psychology is a rapidly growing field and the need for trained workers is evident. Teens and kids continue to have problems that they can’t discuss with their parents, but those working in the field can help those students recover from their problems and go onto lead healthy and happy lives.  

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