Recession Proof Careers

Recession Proof Careers

The current unemployment rate in the United States is at an alarming rate of just under 10%, meaning you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't second guessed their own job security. Older adults and even seniors who find themselves reeling at a competitive loss are going back to school to keep their heads above water. Paying tuition is an investment of time and money into your future, but what careers are viable? Or even interesting? You'd be surprised at how many jobs are currently in high demand – and they're not going anywhere.

Health Care

If you've opened the Jobs section of your local paper any time recently, you've probably noticed that positions in health care always dominate other sections. Registered Nurses, Pharmacy Technicians, and Dental Hygienists have seen the most job growth, with Occupational Therapists and Health Care Managers not far behind. It's also interesting to note that over the past decade, prescription drug usage in the United States has seen a 61% increase. (1) Pharmaceutical Sales is a 250 billion dollar industry and it's only expected to grow.


Post-secondary Teachers are needed all over the country, but teachers in high-demand fields (such as Nursing) are needed even more desperately. Applications from prospective nursing students are getting turned down in droves simply because colleges can't fill teaching positions adequately. Public schools are always looking for middle school Science and Math Teachers – what a surprise!

Legal and Civil Service

Within a recession, government jobs always rise. The Military isn't going out of business any time soon, nor is the judicial system. Court Clerks, Paralegals, and Social Workers are always needed, and as the recession progresses, jobs in Bankruptcy Law and Law Enforcement are progressing along side.

Skilled Services

They may not be the most glamorous fields, but skilled services in Plumbing, Pest Control, and HVAC Mechanics are nearly recession-resistant. People will always need haircuts, so it's not surprising that Cosmetologists and Barbers aren't getting hurt much by the economic crisis. Even with less new construction, Roofers, Carpenters, and Electrical Engineers are a necessity to home-owners everywhere.


Rising stress and anxiety in a tough economy begs the need for more stress relief. That's where Bartenders, Movie Theaters, and Casinos reap the benefit. Jobs in the luxury sector such as Massage Therapists, believe it or not, are also seemingly untouched by the recession.


Two unalienable truths about Americans are that we pay taxes and we have debt. Certified Public Accountants, Debt Collectors, and Debt Managers operate in an increasingly competitive field. Businesses that need more creative ways to save money will hire Financial Planners and if they sadly fail, Forensic Accountants investigate where it all went wrong.

Computer Sciences and Technology

In 2008, Time Magazine reported that Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts had seen the most job growth at 53%. Careers in Computer Technology, such as Software Engineering and IT Management just to name a few, are abundant in every major city. The manufacturing industry is clamoring for skilled Computer Control and CNC programmers.

Energy & Environment

Who isn't trying to be more "green" these days? The United States is investing $150 billion into research and develop of energy alternatives, which will create new jobs for Battery Technicians, Environmental Engineers, and Physicists alike.

The Depressing Sector

Another unalienable truth? People die. Just being realistic here. No matter how bleak the economy gets, Gravediggers, Morticians, Crematorium Technicians and Funeral Directors will have their place in commerce.


Sales and Customer Service Representatives are still needed in competitive businesses with slow growth. Jobs with the Clergy, as well as Librarians, Archivists, Childcare workers, and 911 Dispatchers are multiplying. Driving careers are swelling in the Help Wanted sections for Truck Drivers, Taxi Drivers, and Bus Drivers. All of you foodies out there will be delighted to hear that Caterers, Dietitians, and Fast Food workers aren't hurting much either.

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