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How did people make presentations before PowerPoint? Most used a word processing program and spent hours setting up their pages and fonts. Others used desktop publishing software and manipulated it to get the effects they wanted. The more adventurous and professionals invested in several different software programs. They used different software for each step of the presentation project. A polished presentation made this way was similar to publishing a newspaper with a linotype press. And, in some cases, only one or two people in the company or organization had a clue how to get a project done.

PowerPoint makes it much easier to design overheads or slides, format text, insert graphics, and sound into your presentations. Is it any wonder that it has gained wide acceptance by business, academic, and personal computer users? This software combines the best features of graphics programs with the relative simplicity of word processing software. If you have ever used any Microsoft productivity software, the learning curve for PowerPoint is small.

You can create a basic presentation by simply typing text into any of PowerPoint's predesigned templates. The default template page has two boxes. The top rectangular box is already setup as your page title or headline. You will only be typing five to ten words here. A square box below the headline holds your key phrases or points that you plan to make. It is already setup to add bullets to each line of text. It will hold several lines of text, depending on the size you choose.

Simply add another slide to continue to your next topic headline and bullet points. Edit your slides and save your presentation. Select from built in templates or Microsoft's website to change the format of one slide or the entire presentation. Add organization charts, videos, clipart, graphics, and other elements to make your presentation memorable.

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