Political Science

Political Science Resources

There are many online resources to learn about political science:


Journals are an excellent way for people to learn more about political science and how it applies to the international stage. A massive directory of academic journals is located at the Poly-Cy website. It’s also helpful to examine some specific journals online. One of these journals is the Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy, which looks at political science and how it applies to wildlife law. Political Science Quarterly is another journal with online access. They list articles from their current edition and also have information on subscribing.

Those interested can also read articles of The Open Political Science Journal. This peer reviewed journal lists current and past articles on their website. Another useful journal is the American Journal of Political Science as well as the journal hosted by the University of Michigan, the Michigan Journal of Political Science.


Directories for political science list links to other resources and websites that contain information pertaining to the field. One such political science directory is maintained by the Central Library at Vanderbilt University. They list links to outside sites pertaining to international organizations, political thought, and comparative politics among others.

Another good directory is found on the Google search engine. Their directory lists websites about politicians, international relations, conferences, trade policy, as well as other categories.

Other directories were created to help students studying political science such as political science statistical resources. Here users can access indexes, statistical research and analysis, and campaign finance information. Another useful directory is found at the Government Policy section of Inute. They list information pertaining to different areas of political science.

Departments & People

The best political science programs and departments were ranked according to the experience of the professors and degree of success experienced by former students. Those include the political science program at the University of Michigan, the department of government at Harvard University, and the department of political science at Stanford University.

Other popular programs include government and legal studies at Bowdoin College and the program at the London School of Economics and Political Science. They even include a directory of their top experts currently working in the field.


The best association for those interested in political science is the American Political Science Association. They list information on teaching, education, jobs, and upcoming conferences. Individuals can also find more information about joining the association, either as a student or professional.

Associations are also held on local and regional levels. In the Midwest there is the Midwest Political Science Association. This group hosts conferences every year and give resource information and information on members. Another association is the Western Political Science Association. Some may also be interested in the association known as the Northeastern Political Science Association.

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