National Libraries

National Libraries

The Library of Congress  operates as one of the United State's oldest national libraries. It also serves as the primary research resource for Congress. It houses millions of books, audio recordings, photos, maps, and manuscripts. The Library also provides a wide variety of databases and other Internet resources easily accessed through the web. It even has its own online catalog—The Library of Congress Online Catalog.

The Library of Congress also serves as a gateway for searching other United States library catalogs and resource links online. Whether you need information for school research, business, entertainment and the arts, science or technology, you can find everything you need on the web through this national library system. 

The Science Reference Services provides access to bibliographies and research material online, webcasts and an online ‘ask a librarian’ reference services that helps to provide more information. The Law Library of Congress provides a series of resources for education, news, current events, and other legal information online. Global legal information can also be accessed in a variety of different languages.

The Wise Guide monthly ezine provides informative links as part of the Library of Congress' online resources. The Wise Guide articles have all types of materials ranging from prints, photos, films, audio recordings, music, maps, manuscripts, digital files, and books. The Wise Guide also sponsors concerts, lectures, poetry readings, film screenings, dances, and other performances. The monthly articles allow you to explore many fascinating educational resources.

The American Folk Life Center focuses on the history, culture, and life of the many different regional, ethnic, and cultural groups within the United States. It's a good resource for students studying local historical facts and the influences other cultures have had in the United States.  

Library of Congress Webcasts allows you to review presentations from various authors, poets, and storytellers who have participated in the National Book Festivals in Washington throughout the years. Also, The Sound Online Inventory and Catalog provides access to the Library of Congress audio collection. This includes radio broadcasts, news only radio programs, music, poetry/spoken word, and much more. 

If you are conducting research for your business, the Business Research and Economics  Research Advisor provides information about business and economics—as well as search strategies for uncovering even more information on the web. Copyright Office provides detailed information about how to copyright a work. This includes documents, reports, studies, fact sheets, brochures, and other forms.

Conducting research about your family tree? The Local History and Genealogy Reading Room is a convenient way to search for local and family history on the web. You can access several genealogy databases filled with important information about the past. 

There are also many resources for sight impaired individuals. Braille, Audio Materials circulates Braille and audio materials throughout the United States to eligible individuals, free of postage. 

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