Math Activities

Math Activities and Lesson Plans for K-12 Teachers

Many children learn to dread math class because they find the curriculum hard or boring. Teachers can spice up their math lesson plans by adding relevant games, activities, and worksheets to supplement the curriculum. Kids of all ages can have fun and snap out of a math rut while internalizing important mathematical concepts that will serve them well throughout their academic careers. These lesson plans can be found at various places on the Internet.

The basics of math: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division must be learned in order to go onto higher mathematics. Elementary aged students can apply these constructs to fractions, money, and estimation. Supplementing their math curriculum with games, flashcards, worksheets, and cooperative learning experiences can help children to excel in their current grade and in the future.

Middle school math students concentrate on pre-algebra, Roman numerals, probability, metric conversion, and other simple and complex concepts. The student who misses one or more lessons, or who has trouble understanding one concept, can fall behind, making future lessons hard to comprehend. Adding worksheets, math lab sheets, and other complementary materials can help kids to understand one mathematical concept before moving onto the next.

By the time kids get to high school math, they should be completely proficient in all of the elementary and middle school concepts. Teenagers should be ready to move onto algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Supplementary materials are important for this age group, because students are more apt to be able to proceed or review at their own pace. Furthermore, their parents are less likely to be able to help them with their math homework at this stage, so plenty of practice and review outside of their regular math book is important.

Here is a list of websites that have excellent math lesson plans for use as supplementation. Use them in the classroom, or encourage your students to complete some of the projects and worksheets as homework or extra credit. Teachnology breaks up the available math lesson plans by concept. Teachertools has lesson plans for all subjects. The math lesson plans are for elementary and early middle school grades. The Teacher’s Corner has a list of math games, worksheets, and activities for younger students. The Lessons Plan Page is a comprehensive resource of all math subjects, from elementary school up to the higher grades and more complex math. The high school page has higher math supplements, including ways to tie math in with science and social studies classes. Apples 4 the Teacher has games and activities for preschoolers and elementary school students. The Math Forum has excellent high school level lesson plans.

Awesome Library is another good site for finding plans for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and other high school math.

Another way to get kids excited about math is to allow them to play educational math games online during class, or to send home a list of math websites for them to access at home with their parents’ permission. Here are some math games websites that your students will enjoy:

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