Useful Math

Curious and Useful Math

Mathematics can be a difficult subject to learn.  In today’s day and age, calculators, computers and other electronic devices allow solving math problems to be done with just a press of a button.  Real math involves a pen and paper, as well as some hard work. 

Learning mathematics is important.  Math is used in everyday experiences.  When you go to the store, can you make change?  What about adding the cost of sales tax?  Do you know how much money to leave your waitress as a tip?  If you’re redecorating your home, do you know how much square feet of flooring you will need?  Let’s face it:  Real life involves math

All throughout grade school, you are taught not only the fundamentals of math, but advanced and sometimes mind-boggling theories and equations.  To avoid getting too in depth with mathematics, here are a few tips and tricks when dealing with fundamental math:

Calendar Math

Division Tricks

Multiplication Tricks

Squaring Tricks

No matter how many tips, tricks, and ideas you have for math, sometimes mathematics is still not fun.  For that stubborn math student, here are a few educational games and activities to make math entertaining:

Math Games

  Math is a subject that takes time, patience, and hard work to learn.  If your children are struggling with becoming successful math students, take some time to show them math tips and tricks that can make learning fun again. 

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