Culture of the 1950's

The 1950s was a memorable time for those who lived through them. Many different cultural happenings are still fondly remembered and celebrated even well into the present day. Popular music of the time is still played on the radio and clubs, films and movies of the period are still watched, and toys still played with. For more information on the American culture of the time, and for entertainment, events, fads and fashion, visit Think Quest.

Popular Music

Many popular artists and songs came from the 1950’s, such as Elvis Presley, The Everley Brothers and Chuck Berry. To see popular songs of the decade grouped together by year, go to Stinalisa, where you can also click on each song for a sample of it. For 50’s music and more, go to Fifties Web for popular songs and singers of the time period.

Film and Television

The 50s brought out the best in film and television, from the movie Harvey to I Love Lucy on television. For the history of films of the time, go to Film Site, and for the best and the worst movies, read up at IMDB. Wikipedia lists the best B movies of the 50s, and TV50 offers an index of the television series that were on at the time, as does Crazy About TV. For news shows, go to Rate It All.

Toys and Literature

The fifties were a time for simpler toys, such as Mr. Potato Head, hula hoops, and the Frisbee. To learn more about the toys of the decade, go to Time Warp Toys and Loti, and read an in-depth article at Toy-Tma. Many great works and classics were written in the 50s, and are still in great circulation today. For more information on popular books of the time frame, read up at Commentary Magazine. For popular books from A to Z, go to Writing, and for more information go to Answer Point.


The 50s were well known for popular sports such as baseball, as legendary player Willie Mays played in his prime during this time. To learn about sports events by each year of the 1950s, go to Wikipedia. Sports heroes can be read about at Think Quest.

Cars and Drive-Ins

Cars were a big deal in the 50s, and were one of the biggest status symbols you could own. To learn more about various sports cars, read up on them at How Stuff Works. For information on drive-ins, which reached their height in popularity during the 50s, go to Drive In Theater.

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