Elementary Education

Early Childhood and Elementary Education

As a teacher, you work hard to make every day exciting and enlightening for your students. As children are becoming more and more media driven, providing them with a good education can be a challenge. How can you capture their attention, make education fun, while competing with the highly visual world they live in? Teachers, particularly those who work with elementary age students, need access to quality resources they can use to stimulate the minds and senses of their young students.

One way teachers can do their jobs better is with well thought out lesson plans. Sometimes the plan in the curriculum is simply not a good fit for your particular students, or you find that you need to give your students additional instruction in a particular area due to extra interest on their part or a need for better understanding. These lesson plan resources pages are a good place to start:

The Lesson Plans Page
Lesson PlanZ
Scholastic Lesson Plans Page

Teaching can be a highly rewarding career, but it is not without its challenges. A good teacher must be organized, and this is not always easy. The Internet is full of classroom management tools you can utilize to stay organized and in control of your classroom. From help with discipline and great teaching strategies to help organizing your lesson plans and grade books, these pages will give you the tools that you need:

Classroom Management Strategies that Work
Education World Classroom Management 101
Engrade – Free Online Grade Book
Creating an Excel Grade Book
Teaching Strategies and Disciplinary Resources from CRLT
Teaching and Learning Strategies
Classroom Discipline
Discipline in the Classroom

Good elementary teachers know that projects make learning fun. When a student works on a project, he not only learns about the topic, but also gets the satisfaction of knowing he created something beautiful. These pages show great project examples, including many pictures of finished student works:

Pre K – K

Arts and Crafts for Kids
Preschool Science Projects

Grades 1 – 3

Elementary Arts and Crafts
Science Projects for Kids
Social Studies Projects and Ideas

Grades 4 – 6

Elementary Science Projects
Upper Elementary Student Project Examples

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