Educational Quizzes

Educational Quizzes

Teachers and homeschooling parents know how important it is to have quizzes and worksheets that test what children have learned. This page of worksheets and quizzes was created to help further education. At the bottom of this page, there are links to resources that allow teachers and parents to create their own personal testing criteria.

Free Quizzes and Worksheets Online:

Teacher's Educational Tools - Just about every teaching tool you can imagine. From worksheets to educational activities, this website is a goldmine for teaching help.

VocabTest Vocabulary Quizzes - A vocabulary quiz website. Divides quizzes up by school year and age level.

Teach-Nology Worksheets - Tons of free quizzes online, focuses on vocabulary.

Reproducible Learning Worksheets - A huge collection of reproducible worksheets from many different websites.

Kidzone Study Worksheets - Free worksheets on every subject, from math to geography. You can also find appropriate quizzes by grade level.

Free Learning Resources - Huge collection of free worksheets and online educational games.

Kidspirit Study Quizzes - Has unique quizzes such as time and measurement.

Printable Learning Worksheets - Many different printable worksheets (they are in PDF form.)

SoftSchools Educational Resources - This website focuses on math, languages, and vocabulary, but has worksheets on just about every subject. It's updated frequently, so check the homepage for the most recent additions.

LessonTutor Lesson Plans - Not only does this website provide free worksheets and quizzes, but is also provides free lesson plans. If you are a home-schooler, this is a great website.

HomeSchoolingAdventures Learning Lessons - The name says it all. This website is perfect for home school children. It includes lessons from pre-school all the way through 12th grade.

Create Your Own Free Quizzes:

EasyTestMaker Tests - Has many different testing options including true/false, fill in the blank and multiple choice. It even has options such as generating alternative versions of the quizzes you have created.

FunBasedLearning Quiz Makers - Make your own interactive quizzes by filling in the blanks. There is even a grading system at the bottom.

Proprofs Educational Quizzes - Allows you to share the quizzes on your personal websites or blogs. Quizzes are divided into categories such as trivia, business, education and more.

TheTeachersCorner Printable Worksheets - From math sheets to word scrambles, this website has tons of do-it-yourself quizzes.

HandwritingWorksheets Personalized Worksheets - This is great for the young ones; you can make your own handwriting worksheets.

EdHelper Educational Tools - This website has amazing educational tools, including DIY quizzes and worksheets. You will find many teaching resources here.

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