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Teachers are increasingly beginning to incorporate technology into the classroom, even with younger age groups. Children as young as first and second grade are learning how to use the computer as a teaching aid. Programs can teach kids concepts relating to colors, shapes, and a variety of other concepts such as spelling and math. However teachers first need to learn how to use the programs and software. Fortunately there are many resources for teachers on learning the software and then incorporating it into their lesson plan.

Elementary School

Teacher Tech Tips: A blog devoted to offering weekly tips on using technology, computers and software in the classroom.

Bright Hub: User submitted articles that show how technology can be used in the classroom.

The Innovative Educator: Blog that frequently lists different tips for teachers.

Middle School

Technology Tips for Teachers: Large guide to using technology as a teaching aid.

High School and Beyond 

Technology Use by Teachers: Lists different tips and tricks and teachers are also encouraged to submit their own tips and resource guides.

Technology Ideas: Showcases lesson plans, links to other resources and ways in which school districts are using technology.

Technology Tech Blog: A blog devoted to using technology in an educational manner.

Teachology: Provides lesson plans and free downloads for teachers.

Adults and Teachers 

Teacher Resources: Lists information on using the different types of software.

Education World: Information on different types of online software and technology.

Teacher Tap: Provides tutorials on using software and programs in the classroom.

Tutorials: Step by step tutorials on using computers.

Learn the Net: Offers steps on surfing the web for adults.

Sites That Help Classroom Teachers: Compiles resources for educators on technology.

4 Teachers - Teach with Technology: Valuable resource for teachers interested in integrating technology into the classroom. They offer quizzes, lesson plans, and other ways in which teachers can use technology as a teaching aid.

Technology is increasingly used in the classroom and teachers must learn how to integrate these ideas. The resources shown here are the best ways for teachers to use technology, software and new ideas in a classroom setting. Teachers can learn how to use technology for all age groups and for all areas of study.

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