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Biology is the foundation for any medical, scientific, and research position and its required course work for any high school or college student. Biology, by definition, is the study of life and encompasses specific areas such as cellular biology, anatomy, physiology, evolution, molecular systems, and much more. Most high school students prior to high school have had basic exposure to the biological processes through their classes in elementary and middle school. These foundations include basic cellular structure and their functions, biological systems such as circulatory, animal kingdoms, and nomenclature.

As students progress through schooling higher levels of biological principles are introduced including dissection, human anatomy and physiology, biological chemistry, and reproduction—to name a few. Human anatomy is essential for any person who intends to pursue a career in the healthcare field such as medicine, nursing, and research such as immunology and virology. Among these advanced topics discussions, studies will be carried out in greater detail and with higher levels of scrutiny given to each individual concept and area of biological instruction.

College class work will examine the bacterial growth rates and cultures in cellular and molecular biology classes and students will generally need to grow cultures as a form of experimentation and instruction. Dissection also plays a key role in college courses ranging from dissection of fetal pigs to working on cadavers if enrolled in a medical school program. Laboratory work is required for all of these classes, as well as organic chemistry and advanced human anatomy.

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