Key Figures in African American History

African Americans have made many wonderful contributions to our society. Whether it’s the field of civil rights, science, sports, or entertainment, there have been some very important African Americans in history who have made quite a difference in the world.

For many years, African Americans struggled with social issues such as slavery, discrimination, and poverty. Even today, they are still dealing with some of the effects of American perspectives before the civil rights movement. However, by the year 2003, race was not the prominent form of discrimination, (sex became the most prevalent), marking an important societal shift from the way African Americans have been treated in public, the workplace and in society in general. 

Over the past several hundred years, there have been many African Americans who have made a significant impact on the way we live, and on our history as a nation. Whether it is new advances in science, inventions, politics, or the media, these African Americans have left their mark on the country’s landscape, changing it forever.

Today, the United States celebrates its first African American president after the election of Barack Obama, exposing a whole new realm of opportunity. There are endless opportunities for people of all color in the U.S. 

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