Online Education: Associate Degree Careers

If you, like millions of other Americans, have discovered that the once treasured high school diploma often falls short when it comes to obtaining a competitive job, we may have a solution for you. You can research, register, and study online to begin the process of obtaining a college education. Nor do you need to feel overwhelmed with the prospect of a four year or graduate degree. Programs abound for associate degrees online; the associate degree is a two year degree that can often be completed in as little as one year when you study from home and take advantage of the opportunity to accelerate your program. The jobs possibilities are almost endless as most careers have entry level positions where an associate’s degree would be acceptable. Thus you have the opportunity to begin earning a salary while catching your breath from your intense study and preparing, if so desired, for the next step in your educational career. Some careers, such as paralegal, cosmetology, medical billing and coding, and others will lead you to financial success without additional study. Jobs for the associate degree are available in nearly every field ranging from the practical hands-on application jobs such as cosmetology and nursing to a more academically focused paralegal. The following list is just a small sampling of the numerous associate degree careers. read more »

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Advantages of Online Study

The advantage of earning a degree is well known. For years, national labor statistics have shown that a person with a college degree will earn a higher salary than a person who only has a high school education. However, individual circumstances have often prevented people from attending traditional schools. The development of the internet and online study has made it possible for almost anyone to earn a degree. It takes some discipline and a determination to coordinate your personal responsibilities with your study requirements, but millions of people around the world are making the system work. Here are some of the advantages of earning your degree from the comfort of your own den:

Have you been working at your job for a number of years? Are you concerned that you might be getting “too old” to start your education now? Ask yourself this question: If you had the degree tomorrow, could you get a better job? If you had that same degree two years from now, could you still use the better job and the increase in pay? You’re never too old to learn, but you also won’t ever get any younger than you are today. Make every day count. Start your educational program today.

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